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Posted by ankita pandy on 21. Jan 2020

Lovemaking Positions that Excite Any Woman Including Bangalore Independent Escorts

When it comes to making out or proceeding to the sex part, a person needs to know about the preferences of his partner. Else, choosing the wrong activities might result in unexpected distances. Every girl out there is special and requires your attention more often than you can imagine. If you have a girlfriend, you might already know it. In case you are single, it's the perfect time to fill your brain with new information. In this article, you will learn about some of the best lovemaking positions that excite any woman, including Bangalore independent escorts.

Here is the List of Positions You Can Try After Signing Up for Bangalore Escorts Services

1. Reverse Cowgirl: Gone are the days when ordinary cowgirl was used to be popular. Now, people prefer reverse cowgirl. While the position is identical to the original activity, the girl does not face you. Instead, you will be seeing her back. This position keeps your hands free, which means you are free to let the pair roam all over her body. From top to bottom, touch her wherever you want. When you sign up for Bangalore escorts services, you can ask the girl whether or not she is comfortable for it. Remember, trying more and more information will save you from getting duped.

2. Scissors: As the name suggests, it is a bit complicated and might not be much comfortable for the girl. To perform this, the female needs to lie down on a flat surface with a height of at least 3 feet. Once she is in the position, the male can penetrate her while in standing position. What makes it challenging that the male needs to widen her legs as much as possible, and then do the penetration. If the girl goes to the gym or exercises at home, she will be comfortable. But if she does not, it might be challenging at the initial stage. She needs to practice before actually trying it for real.

3. Breast Friends: The name of this position sounds incorrectly spelled; however, it is not true. The name is, indeed, breast friends. It is much similar to straight sex in which the girl sits in your lap while wrapping you with her legs. The only difference is that straight sex is performed on a flat surface, whereas the latter can be done on a chair. The position will remain the same. Many providers of escorts services in bangalore recommend this position if you are willing to board a thrilling ride of pleasure. It also allows you to use your hands to help her perform faster strokes.

That's all, for now, people. These were some of the best activities you can engage in with your partner.

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