Try These Hot Women On Top Sex Positions With Noida Escorts To Satisfy Your Lust

Posted by kavita sharma on 17. Sep 2020

Almost all you love to have sex and want to feel the beauty of this amazing lusty experience with a hot girl like that of a Noida Escorts. Humans have discovered various positions to enjoy sex, and it is in continuity. And our favorite position varies accordingly. But most of the time we get confused about what to try because there are so many to try and within a limited time period.

it is impossible to consider them all. Therefore, to make things easier for you, let me tell you that there are only three types of sex actually, and the rest of all sex positions are only their varients. And, therefore, you should decide first which one out of these three, you may want to try. Those three main sex positions are:- 

  1. Female Dominating Sex Positions:- Where the female partner dominates over the male partner and does maximum parts of the sexual activities. 
  2. Male Dominating Sex Position:- Where the male partner does maximum activities during the sex and dominates over the female partner.
  3. Equal Dominating:- Where both males and female sex partners play an equal role during sex.

Here, in this blog, I will discuss two best Women On Top sex positions that I personally like most. Those two positions are:- 

  1. Joy Stick  Joyride 
  2. Straddle Their Saddle 

Let’s see both of them one by one. 

Joystick Ride

It is one of the most comfortable, amazing, and pleasure-giving, and lusty satisfaction giving sex positions. Both sex partners enjoy it equally. But here the female partner dominates mostly. You must try this sex with a girl like that of  Noida Call Girls. This sex position looks almost the same as that of the cowgirl sex position, but here, the male partner does not fold the legs. The rest of the things are exactly the same as that of the Cowgirl sex. And you will feel an amazing sex experience and the satisfaction with a hot Noida young girl. 

Straddle Their Saddle

It is equally amazing and most pleasurable as that of most others and gives a great height of satisfaction. It is quite easy to try, and there is nothing to get discomfort. Here, first of all, the male partner squats on the floor. And after that, the female partner sits over his dick facing his front. The male partner holds the butts of the Noida Hot Girl and keeps sucking her boobs and kissing her to make her excited for the sex. 

Once both the sex partner gets excited, the Noida Escort should sit over the tighten dick of the male partner. And then, she should push herself a little down so that she may easily take the dick into her vaginal hole. And once she gets the complete dick into her vaginal hole, she should start jumping up and down to get the complete fuck. And the male should keep sucking the boobs of the Noida sex girl to keep her exited during the sex.


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