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Posted by Anu Saxena on 13. Feb 2021

This world is bewitched with the allure & enchanting spirit of numerous damsels who are all so sensual & sensational beauties that the whole of mankind is only bedazzled with them. What is this life without enjoying the fun-filled and enthusiastic company of any sexy damsel who will not only charm you with her vivacious vibe but will also propel you towards something so jovial and entertaining, that you will only forget all the blues of your life? Many people in the world are thoroughly confused about the terms escorting and prostitution as they feel that they are both the same. Some crazy men even feel that all they want to gain is wholesome entertainment with women in the form of their laughter, sensual vibe, and varieties of sex, so what importance does it entail be it with an escort or with a prostitute?  Yes, dear all perverts, it takes lots of difference as both does not mean the same in any manner at all with Bangalore Escorts


Escorting is basically a process in which men are seeking to gain some good time in the form of laughter, fun, parties, or any kind of entertainment with a beautiful and sexy diva from Call Girls in Bangalore, and for this, they pay some amount of money. This wholesome entertainment can be in the form of going together with a client to parties or any functions, sightseeing or other tours, lunch or dinner dates, or anything that requires their presence to give some wonderful time to clients. And this wonderful time can be in the form of laughter, storytelling, eating food, dancing, drinking, playing games, shopping, sightseeing, any adventures sports, driving cars, and even sex with the divas of Independent Escorts in Bangalore. 


Some men seek all this with or without sex and this also construes as escorting only at Independent Bangalore Call Girls. While prostitution entails giving money strictly for sex. Prostitution requires the divas to gain money for varieties of sexual services that she is giving without any scope for romance. Prostitution is basically a fast and easy option for men to just pick up any girl from a secluded street and have sex with them and in return for this orgasmic enjoyment, they pay a price for it. This sex that the divas give may or may not be protected and in this, the chances of contracting any sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are also a lot.  And Escorts only engage in safe sensual interactions most of the time at Independent Bangalore Call Girls Services. Prostitution is strictly the enabling of men to use a damsel's body for all kinds of amorous fun without any scope for spending time with them other than for sex. 


In most countries around the world, escorting with Bangalore Escorts Services is legal but not prostitution and this is irrespective of the fact that any client had consensus intercourse with his escort or not. Escorting in many countries is also termed as a high-class thing wherein regal and classy divas with uber vivacious personalities accompany high-class men to many social events like parties, golf races, etc. so as to give him some jolly romantic time. And regarding the payments, the scope for bargaining is present in the case of prostitutes, but not with escorts. Escorts are normally employed through agencies like Best Escorts Services in Bangalore that too at a rate as already specified by them with no scope for it to be changed and they are to be booked in advance as well. For prostitution, such specifications are unnecessary as it is a kind of instant service readily available on the street without the involvement of any agency itself. 


Escorts are educated divas well trained in good social etiquette for interacting & mingling with different kinds of the crowd, to please & entertain people in the classiest & regal dressing sense at Call Girls Services in Bangalore. While prostitutes may or may not have social etiquette and their dressing sense involves them wearing revealing & crude kinds of dresses as they perceive it as a crowd puller for gaining more clients. In a nutshell, escorting is a far more regal concept with Independent Escorts Services in Bangalore of gaining good quality divas from a licensed escorts agency to gain some entertaining and jovial time with them through their company while prostitution is plainly men seeking a woman's body only for gaining sexual pleasure.

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