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It is recommended to install the full feature HP drivers in order to get the most supported features from a printer that is USB connected. The user needs to keep in mind that if they are searching for the printer software and driver, they can go to  or HP Customer Support- Software and Driver Downloads.


First and foremost, any previously installed printer versions need to be deleted to get it prepared for the USB connection setup as well as for the installation driver. 

  1. Before you begin, you need to first confirm some of the mentioned requirements:
  • The printer should be switched on and in a ready state.
  • Arrange a USB cable which should not be more than the length of 9ft 10 inch.
  • A USB port is available on your computer. If a USB hub or docking station is used for Connection, the printer might not be able to properly operate as it may not receive enough power.
  • If there was USB cable already connected to the computer prior to the installation of the HP driver, you should continue with these steps for removing the printer from the installed devices to make sure that there is a successful setup, or else you can just skip to the next step for installing the driver. 


  1. Now, you will be required to disconnect the printer's USB cable from your computer. Until it is prompted during the steps of Installation, do not reconnect the cable.
  2. Then, locate ‘devices’ by searching in the windows and then click on the DEVICES AND PRINTERS control panel from the results.
  3. Now, make a right-click on your printer model’s icon and then select the REMOVE DEVICE option. If there are multiple icons that exist for the printer, then remove all of them.
  4. And now, you can continue to the subsequent step after you have closed the Devices and Printers window.



It is always recommended for Installation and downloading of the best suitable print driver for completing the USB Connection.

  1. First and foremost, go to the website and type in your printer model here. You can now follow the instructions present on-screen for downloading the driver. The downloading of the guided driver installation app HP EASY START might get started, depending on the model of your printer.
    • If the downloading of the driver or HP EASY START gets started, you can go on to following the instructions on-screen in order to open the download file for starting the setup and when you are asked to select a connection type, choose USB. If the setup is successful just after this step, then the user does not need to complete the steps that are remaining in this section. 
    • However, if in case the downloading process gets failed, or in case your printer is not listed on, you can keep continuing with these steps for Installation of a driver from the website of HP. 


  1. Now, the next step is to open the  hp printer install & download  and driver downloads’ and then type in the model of your printer, if asked to do so. After this, you need to make sure that the Operating system version is correct.
  2. If you find a page display that says ‘let us identify your product to get started’, then click on the printer and then fill in your printer model number. After this make a click on SUBMIT. The result page for software then appears with the operating system, of the printer that was selected as default.
  3. In case you want to change the operating system, then click on CHANGE and select your version, and then click on CHANGE once again.
  4. You will find the DOWNLOAD option under the DRIVER heading. Select this Download option for finding the full Software package, or you can just make a click on BASIC DRIVERS for more driver options.
  5. You will later be asked to choose for a printer connection option. So, when asked so by the installer, click on USB in order to continue and complete the setup.
  6. Now make sure that your printer is functioning properly by trying to print anything from your computer. 

For this, place a paper in your printer’s tray slot. Then select any document or photos that you want to get printed. Now, simultaneously press Ctrl + P on your keyboard. This will open a new window where you will be required to fill in the number of pages that you want to get printed. Fill this field and then press ENTER on your keyboard or just click on OK.


( You can also try to:

- fax anything from your printer,

- Scan any photo or document from your printer,

- Scan any document or photo with the webcam of your  device,

- Import any document or any photo from your computer,

depending on its functionality.)  Source URL:


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