HP Wireless Printer Software:

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  • For the connection of HP wireless printer, you have to install software and driver.
  •  You can install the software and the driver from the official website of HP printer i.e. 123.hp.com.setup
  • Before proceeding further, make sure you have name and password of the network, check that your router, printer and computer is turned on. 
  • Make sure that your PC and your printer are joined to same wireless network. 
  • For wireless setup on your printer, choose the “wireless” option which is on the printer’s control panel. 
  • Now, go to the “Settings” and after that choose the “wireless setup wizard”.
  • After completing the above mentioned steps, complete the points shown on your screen to connect the print in wireless network. 
  • Printer Software Installation:

Install the driver and the software to complete the procedure of HP wireless printer setup. Complete the given steps to install the software:

  • To download the latest version of software, go to the official website of HP Printer i.e. 123hp.com/setup.
  • If you want to download the driver then go to the “download” option select “open> save > run” option in the windows. 
  • Double-tap the downloaded file of the driver or navigate “download” option and search the file to complete the installation of the driver. 
  • Complete the steps shown on your computer screen finish the connection setup of HP wireless printer. 
  • Also, complete the steps shown on your screen to install the driver. 
  • Go back to the page and refresh it 
  • Go back to the page and refresh it to complete the registration and activation of printer. 


Wireless Auto Connection:

Auto wireless connection of HP printer assist the user to connect the printer to the wireless network accordingly without the help of data cable or any cable. Now, complete the installation process of software for your hp printer install & download printer and follow all the steps shown on your screen. You must remember that the computer meets all the requirements of auto wireless connection. 

  • Your computer system must have the Windows Vista and the Mac OS X 10.5. The system should have wireless connection for your network. 
  • HP Wireless Printer adapter should have control on the operating system. 
  • The computer system must not have the static IP address. 
  • The printer should be in Wireless mode. 


Wi-Fi Protected Setup has two types of modes and these are “push button” and the “pin button” which connects the devices together on a wireless network. Favourable situation to use the WPS push button is as follows:

  • The wireless router and printer should support the WPS push button mode. 
  • The physical WPS push button must be present on the wireless router. 
  • The Wi-Fi network must use the WPA or WPA2 network security. 

If you wish to connect the wireless printer to the HP Wireless printer setup router by using WPS then you can choose the push button which is located on the printer and for steps to start the WPS on the printer, read the printer’s manual. After doing that press down the WPS button on the printer. 

Wireless Setup:

You can see the Wireless Setup wizard option on the control panel of the printer. 

  • Make sure that you know the name and the password of your network (WEP, WPA2 or WPA) 
  • Now after the above step, go to the control panel of printer and then “Network” Choose the wireless option and then open settings. 
  • After opening the settings option, select the Wireless Setup Wizard. 
  • It will show the list of the networks. Choose your network’s name and if you are not able to find the name of your network then you can enter your network name. 
  • Now, enter your security password correctly. 


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