Canon TR4520 Setup

Posted by Prince Gupta on 28. Jul 2021

To unbox Canon TR4500 Setup, place it on a table. Remove the outer closing tape from the package. Canon TR4500 Setup

You will find the printer, user manual, setup CD, a power cord, and ink cartridges inside the package. Canon TR4500 Printer Setup

Now, gently take the printer out of the package.

Remove all the packing materials form the printer.

Check if you have removed all the packing materials from inside and outside of the printer.

Now, get the power cable provided with the printer for the connection setup.

Use the cable to connect the printer to a power source.

Press the Power button on the printer’s panel to turn it on.

Perform the initial setup process such as setting language, country/region, and date & time.

Unpack the new ink cartridge. Open the ink cartridge access door.

Place the cartridge in their respective slots.

Close the door. Open input tray, load papers into it, and close the door.

Now, click the Print button to print the Alignment page.

Unboxing & Set Up Canon Pixma TS6200

IJ Start Canon TS6200 Driver & Manual Download

Start the driver Installation process once the initial printer setup is complete. To download Canon Pixma TS6200 driver & manual, click the Download button at the bottom of this website. You can download the Manual & Driver for free from this site. Once you click the Download button, the download process begins.Open the file when the download process is complete. Run the driver installation as instructed on the installer screen. Finish the installation as per the instructions and try a test print.

Driver Download Manual Download

IJ Start Canon TS6200 Print

Printing with the Canon TS6200 printer is very easy. The procedure given below will help you print all the documents you need.

How To Print With IJ Canon TS6200?

You should first perform the basic printing setup before proceeding to print your documents.

First, verify whether the printer is turned on.

Load plain papers into the input tray. Do not forget to align the paper stack before placing them.

Launch the Printer Driver’s Setup screen on your computer. Go to the Control Panel and tap the Hardware & Sound option.

Select the Devices and Printers option in the next step.

You should right-click on the printer model and choose the Printing Preferences option.

Once it opens, tap the Frequently Used Settings menu.

Choose the Commonly Used Settings option available under the Quick Setup tab.

Make changes if required in the next screen that opens.

Assign a Print Quality based on your choice. There are three options to choose from: High, Standard, or Draft.

Select a paper source and click the OK button to save all the changes.

Your Canon Pixma TS6200 printer will print based on these settings.

Now, search for the file you wish to print. Open it on your system.

Go to File and choose Print.

Key in the number of copies to be printed and click Print.

Perform Copying On IJ Start Canon TS6200

Copying is done when you want to have multiple copies of the same document. Make use of the procedure specified here to learn how to copy.

You need not set any scan preferences as the application permits the printer to automatically detect the material type placed on the platen or ADF.

Turn the printer on and place the material in the ADF or on the platen.

Launch the IJ Scan Utility Lite interface.

If you are scanning photos with a white background or thick & thin items, then adjust the cropping frames by selecting the Driver Download button on the window.  Canon TR4520 Setup

Select the Auto icon, and the scanning starts. Canon TR4520 Setup

Save the scanned image using the settings dialog box. reference link = Canon TR4520 Setup


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