Canon MG 3620 Setup

Posted by ankita zlato on 28. Jul 2021

Canon mg printer is all you need to cater to all of your printing desires as it is the one-stop solution for all printing needs. With cell printing, you may effortlessly print out of your Android or iPhone. It is a compact model and space-saving layout. You can use a quick wireless setup to allow its printing alternatives.

So if you are also looking out for the steps to set up your canon mg 3620 setups then this blog will help you out.

Steps For Cano MG 3620 Setup

Once you've got acquired the Canon Pixma mg3620 printer package, you ought to check for the seal. If the seal is missing, you must return it returned.

Dispose of the packing materials and take the Canon printer from the bundle.

Place it on a neat and consistent surface.

Use the energy wire to enable the strength supply.

Insert the ink cartridges into the canon mg3620 setup.

Install the desired driver to attach your Canon Pixma mg3620 printer and computer.

Load the paper tray with the required sheets of paper.

Take a test print.

Driver Installation

A driving force is a software program that facilitates attaching your Canon Pixma mg3620 printer and laptop.

Use the CD-ROM that you obtained along with your printer to download the motive force.

You also can directly download it from our website.

Search for the motive force reports the usage of the name of your printer model.

Double-click on it and download the report.

Run the motive force file for the canon mg3620 setup process.

The record might be downloaded within the. exe layout.

Your printer is now connected to your laptop.

Cartridge Installation

Your Canon pixma mg3620 will not print nicely in case your cartridges are out of ink.

Ascertain to update a cartridge, once eliminated.

Take the cartridge that needs to get replaced out of the device.

Remove the new cartridge from its package.

Keep your fingers off the electrical contacts and nozzle.

Insert the new cartridge and % it till you hear a valid.

Once established, do no longer put off them and leave them open.

Take a printout to test the installation system for the procedure of canon mg3620 setup.

Canon MG 3600 Wireless Setup

Firstly you need to make certain that your Canon Pixma MG3600 setup is saved On.

Now after it you press the home button to your Canon Pixma printer for the next steps.

Now you need to select WLAN connection by means of moving the display screen.

Press Ok.

After that, you need to go ahead and Press Ok for canon mg3600 setup.

Do now not switch off your Canon pixma printer during this procedure.

Choose Standard setup approach -> Ok

Your Canon Pixma printer will now search for a wireless router for canon mg3600 setup/

Choose the community and enter the passphrase.

Your Canon Pixma mg3600 is now linked as now you are all done with the wireless setup now.


Now you are all done with the steps for canon mg3600 setup as explained with the steps above. If you are facing issues then you can contact our experts as they will assist you with 24*7 assistance.


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