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Posted by Prince Gupta on 8. Sep 2021

Like any other printer machine, Canon printers can jam or encounter errors after significant use. setup canon printer  You might have heard about reset canon printer to resolve any issues. canon setup printer But have you ever thought what exactly it means by resetting printers; why is it essential to do so and how to do it? canon printer printing blank pagesWell, this post will address such queries briefly. To start with, let us first explain a little about the concept.Defining Resetting Canon PrinterResetting a printer means giving it a new start. It helps the printer to take a break from work. It helps in resolving various stubborn Canon printer error codes.Most of the printer error occurs because of any communication gap between the computer and the printer. Resetting a printer to its factory default settings takes it back to original settings.Starting from original settings means as if the printer is newly installed without any problems or errors.Why Should You Reset Canon Printer?Certain situations demand your canon printer to be reset. This is the first and foremost suggestion to troubleshoot various Canon printer errors. Here is a list of few errors that you may have encountered with your canon printer.Canon Printer Paper Jam ErrorCanon Printer Is offline macCanon printer not respondingCanon Wireless Printer OfflineCanon Printer Prints Blank Pagescanon printer won’t printcanon printer not printingcanon printer in error stateHow To Reset Canon Printer?To learn about the steps involved in resetting a printer; first, you must be clear about what type of reset? Yes, there are three options for canon printer reset. The following check these out:Reset Printer By A Power CyclePower recycling a printer means soft reset. As the name suggests, you simply turn off and on the printer’s power supply to give it a break. Start after the short break enables the printer to work correctly.Reset Printer’s Ink LevelsWhen you replace the old cartridges, the printer shows the wrong ink level and result in various errors. To fix such ink/cartridge related errors, you need to reset the printer’s ink level.Hard Reset Printer why my canon printer printing blank pagesFactory resetting on the printer is hard hit as it deletes all local settings but ensures your printer will get back to work. canon setup printer  Hard reset rolls back your printer to its original configurations.For any further technical canon printer support, you can contact us on our toll-free numbers or you can visit us at Canon Printer Offline. Our certified technicians can help you with all Canon printer errors. reference link = setup canon printer


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