how to connect hp printer to wifi

Posted by Prince Gupta on 23. Sep 2021

Printers are the most remarkable and important invention that makes the life of the people easy. You can print documents anywhere, even at your home. There are many printing brands available in the market wherein HP Printer is the top-most choice. Nowadays, most of the HP Printers are known as all-in-one printers as it can print, scan, fax and copy at a time. If you want to Connect HP Printer to Wifi and looking for assistance, then contact the experts. You can freely contact the experts. how to connect hp printer to wifi

Steps to Connect HP printer to wifi

Here are the steps to Connect HP printer to wifi as follows:

The first step is to turn on your HP Wireless printer. Use the touchscreen in the HP wireless printer to connect the wireless network.

Then press the right arrow key and then click on setup.

Choose the Network from the setup menu.

Now choose the Wireless Setup Wizard in the Network menu, it will start searching the wireless routers in the particular range.

Choose the network from the available list of Networks.

Then enter the right login credentials for the network and click on Done.

Click on the ‘OK’ button to confirm the ‘settings’ option.

Follow all the instructions carefully to proceed.

After the successful set up if the HP Wireless Printer, you can start printing the documents.

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We are living in a world where everything is going from a wired to wireless connection. First, the wired telephones became wireless mobile phones, then the wired internet connectivity became wireless in the form of Wifi. As the technology developed, the printers also came equipped with wireless feature which has given path to a number of wonderful features like AirPrint, E-Print and cloud printing.

Owing to the development in the technologies, the printers released from the past couple of years are with the wireless printing and remote printing capabilities. This feature is enabled with the help of setting up a wireless network of your home network through wireless protected setup. This is made possible by connecting your HP printer support with your home Wi-Fi. Use the following steps for setting up wireless connection with your computer.

Use the following steps if you are configuring your printer with any Windows running computer.

On your HP printer, go to control panel touch screen,

Before that download your specific HP printer model driver software from HP Driver and install it.

Go to your desktop and Click on the Start button.

Then go to Control Panel and open Devices and Printers.

The Printers and Faxes window will open.

Here if find a printer that is already connected to your computer (i.e., any old printer), right click on it and select Remove device for removing the device.

Now that the printer which was being used is removed from your network, you can connect the new HP printer, by clicking on Add a printer → Add a network and then select wireless or Bluetooth printer.

Your computer will now search for the printer.

The computer will detect your printer after the search.

In the upcoming window, select the Printer and click finish.

The configuration between the computer and the Printer will now be established.

Once you set up the wireless connectivity for your printer, then you can connect to your home network simply by clicking on the icon ‘’ from your control panel touch screen.

Alternatively, you can also use the following steps for configuring your printer with a Mac.

Go to your HP printer touch panel and select Setup → Wireless Settings.

Open the Wireless Setup Wizard.

In the upcoming window, network searching will take place.

On the search results, select your home network.

Enter the password when asked.

Now download the driver file from and run it on your Mac.

Upon installing it, on the screen scroll down the list of available software to find HP Easy Scan.

Select it and click Continue.

Do as per the given instructions on the installation wizard until the Add and Verify Your Device window displays.

Here click ‘Add Device’.

Once you perform all these steps perfectly, your HP printer and MacBook will be connected successfully.

You can check it by taking a sample print out.

Once you have set up the wireless connection between your printer and the network, you can print documents from anywhere without touch your printer. However, your printer must be powered on and be connected to the network for it to work wirelessly.

Web services had become an essential feature in today’s world. The need for printing documents without any hassle of the document saved in the computer the printer is connected has long gone. Nowadays, anyone can print with the printer, if he or she knows the printer’s unique mail ID. This mail ID is a key element of using the various web services like ePrint, Cloud printing and many more. The following points will help you to set up your HP printer for the Web services.

To set up web services for your HP printer, an email ID has to be created.

This email ID will be a combination of your HP printer’s claim code and

To find your printer’s claim code, click on Web Services setup on your printer’s control panel touch screen.

Click on print info, thereby obtaining all the details about your printer.

If an email id is not already available, then find your printer’s claim code. how to connect hp deskjet printer to wifi    

The claim code followed by will be your HP printer’s email address.

Ex: if your printer’s claim code is then your printer’s email ID will be ‘’.

You can use this email address for printing through web services.

The HP technical support can be obtained if you face any other troubles when you connect your printer with your computer. Contact the HP printer tech support phone number for any furthur assistance.


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