Best trimmer in India under 1500

Posted by Products 99 on 1. Nov 2021

It is important to have a trimmer with the best feature under your budget. We made a list of the 3 Best Trimmer Under 1500 for Men in our previous list which you can check if you are looking for a trimmer below 1500 rupees. 

Philips BT3221/15 Corded & Cordless 

This is yet another revolutionary trimmer form Phillips that comes with titanium coated blades for a polished look. Another great thing about this trimmer is that it comes with twenty different settings and trim and lift system.

The round blade tips and combs are always convenient for a perfect edgy look. For people with sensitive skin, this product is absolute bliss as it trims and cuts only the hair and does not harm the skin.

The blades come with the advanced sharpening feature so that you do not have to worry about the wearability of the blades. These titanium blades are placed to form a lift and trim system. The process is believed to cut your hair 30% faster.


  • Great battery life- Philips is well renowned for its incredible productivity of the technology; battery of the product is quite premium and long-lasting.
  • Incredible grip- The product is highly elastic and flexible, giving it a fantastic grip to the user.
  • Water-resistant- The product is highly tested under severe conditions, which makes it safe against water.
  • Quality of blades- The blades are based out of the titanium built platform which gives a premium touch to the user.


  • Not waterproof


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