Tips For Udaipur Escorts Desirous of Anal Sex

Posted by Angel night on 15. Nov 2022

I am Disha, a beautiful, mature housewife working as an escort in UdaipurIt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, known for its artificial lakes, palaces, royal culture, and heritage. I am not going to talk about all this in this article. I love anal sex and want to advise all Udaipur escort who avoid it because of baseless fears. I have learned a lot about anal sex from my husband, who prefers it more than normal sex. I will tell you how it can be made more joyful and satisfying. 

Anal Sex Becomes Unavoidable for Udaipur Escorts

Udaipur is visited by a large number of foreigners. As such, it becomes difficult for Udaipur escorts to keep saying no to their clients' craving anal sex. Are you a young college girl or a mature housewife who has never indulged in this kind of position before? Do you find it dirty or consider the act against religion? Most women become fearful as they sense pain in their anus whenever their clients try to poke their fingers. Do not clench your rectum and feel the sensation if you want to enjoy anal sex. 

Lubricant is A Must for Udaipur Escorts Indulging in Anal Sex

The small opening below the vagina is not very elastic. It is natural for any woman to feel friction if a man tries to insert his tool or even his finger in this opening. You will not feel fearful if you have applied a lubricant around your anus before lovemaking. As Escorts in Udaipur girls, apply the lubricant liberally in and around the orifice to make it soft and smooth. You can try to insert your fingers in the opening. 

You will find no friction, and the finger slides into the orifice smoothly without any pain. I keep a tube of lubricant in my vanity bag, as I do not rely on the pre-cum of the client to lubricate my anus properly during anal sex. Don’t allow the client to push even his little finger in your opening until you have applied a good amount of lubricant in and around the orifice. 

Pay Attention to Cleanliness if You Want To Indulge in Anal Sex

Cleanliness is a prerequisite for anal sex. You can easily put off your client if he inserts his dick inside your anus and later finds it dirty. All Udaipur will make sure they empty their bowels and clean their rectum properly before meeting a client. A clean, soft, and moist anus excites the man, and he feels good to get a chance to indulge in his fantasy. 

As A Udaipur Escort, Insist on A Condom Before Anal Sex

Anal sex can be very pleasurable for both partners. However, it is a high-risk sexual act leading to STDs. It is imperative to ask your man to wear a condom before indulging in anal sex if you want to stay away from sexual diseases. You can get a lot of joy and satisfaction from anal sex if you follow these tips as an Udaipur escort


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