Delhi escort helped me in regaining self-confidence

Posted by Bhawna Tripathi on 27. Jan 2023

Hi. I am Ajay, a young 24-year-old boy working as a sales representative in a pharmaceutical company in Delhi. I have always been shy and introverted which made it difficult for me to develop friendships with girls. I am a good communicator and achieve high sales for the products of my company. But I don’t know what happens to me whenever I am in front of girls. I was living a lonely life in an apartment in Delhi until I met Shalu, a beautiful Delhi escort. Shalu was the first girl in my life who gave me love and care. I am a changed person now. I give full credit for my transformation to Shalu. 

How I met this Delhi escort

I was in a pizza store in Connaught Place last year waiting for my order to be served. Shalu was sitting with her friends at the next table. I found her very attractive and thought of approaching her but could not muster the courage because of my shy nature  Shalu was wearing a deep-neck top and jeans which revealed her cleavage and big ass. She went up to the counter to place an order. As she opened her wallet, a Rs 500 note fell down on the floor. She didn’t notice it but I saw the note lying on the floor. I got up and went to the counter. I picked up the note and returned it to Shalu. She was surprised by my gesture and began to thank me. She requested me to have a pizza. I accepted the offer and ate a pizza with Shalu. At that time I didn’t know that Shalu was a Delhi escort

I ended up in the arms of the Delhi escort

After eating pizzas, Shalu’s friends left saying they had to go home. Shalu said she liked me because of my honest and gentlemanly behavior. It was for the first time that a girl was talking to me in this manner. We went to a shopping mall and had lots of fun. Afterward, Shalu invited me to her home for a cup of coffee. Her home was nearby and we reached there walking in 5 minutes. I was surprised to learn that Shalu lived alone in this apartment. She made coffee for me and said that I should make myself comfortable while she takes a shower. From the bathroom, she called me and asked me to hand her the bottle of shampoo kept on the fridge. I was excited by now and went into the bathroom where she was standing nude under the shower. The Delhi escort grabbed my hand and pulled me under the shower. She Took off my clothes and began to kiss me all over my body. I could not control myself any longer. I grabbed her big curves and began to fondle them. 

We got out of the bathroom and ended up on the bed where we made love to each other in a wild manner. Delhi escorts have given me so much love that I am a completely changed man now. 

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