5 Tips to Conquer Math Word Problems Effectively

Posted by Smith Jones on 18. Feb 2023

Word problems often perplex countless students as the question doesn't present itself in ready-to-solve mathematical equations. While the degree of difficulty may surely change, the effective ways to solve word problems incorporate a planned approach that requires determining the problem, accumulating relevant information, creating the equation, solving and checking the work. 

If you are one of those million students who are often searching for reliable Do My Math Homework Help services and need a strong push to get there, going through this detailed post will surely put you miles ahead. Here, we have highlighted certain remarkable tips and techniques that will help you easily solve any math word problem, however difficult it is. 


  • Identify The Problem 

According to the best minds associated with reputed math assignment help services, it is always crucial to start by determining the scenario of the problem you aim to solve. This might come as a question or even a statement. Either way, the problem will offer you all the crucial information you need to solve it easily. Once you are done determining the problem, you can decide the unit of measurement for the final answer. 


  • Look For Key Words 

Every word problem consists of keywords you must look for every time. It informs and helps you figure out what operations you need to undertake. 


  • Create an Equation 

Ensure to translate any math terms and concepts you come across in word problems into math symbols. For example, the words and phrases 'increased', 'more than', 'sum', 'in addition to' all imply to add. Hence, ensure to write the '+' symbol over these words. Use a letter for the unknown variables and create an algebraic equation representing the problem. 


  • Draw A Picture 

Most students often need to visualise world problems to comprehend them completely, especially those who are younger students. As they age, they can begin visualising the problems in their head. But, at a younger age, drawing a picture that describes the problem to them helps them significantly. Know that it is crucial to make sure that the picture takes into account every crucial aspect of the problem. 


  • Solve The Word Problems 

Using the equations, ensure to solve the problem by plugging in the values and solving for unknown variables. Double-check all the calculations along the way to avoid any severe mistakes. Subtract, multiply, and divide properly by using the order of operations. 


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Finally, as you get more comfortable solving math word problems, you may not need to implement each of these strategies every time. However, make sure the idea of every hack is accounted for in your problem-solving strategy. Good luck! 

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